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Learn how researchers are implementing our picodroplet technology to profile and monitor genetic variation in myeloid disorders. The ThunderBolts™ Myeloid Panel is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay for studying important mutations in known genes implicated in the causation, prognosis and recurrence of myeloid disorders. The RainDrop Plus™ System is the industry’s most sensitive nucleic acid detection and monitoring platform, and the only unified instrument capable of performing both NGS Target Enrichment for mutation profiling and Digital PCR for subsequent mutation monitoring.

Featured Customer Scientific Posters from ASH 2016:

The following posters were presented by RainDance customers at the American Society of Hematology 2016 Annual Meeting. The posters showcase the versatility of the picodroplet platform and present several examples of how customers are using the technology to advance haemato-oncology research. RainDance products are currently for Research Use Only (RUO) and have not been reviewed by the FDA or foreign counterparts for clinical or diagnostic use.

Moffitt Cancer Center
295. Clonal Hematopoiesis Is Associated with Therapy-Related Myeloid Malignancies in the Elderly

Hammersmith Hospital
3104. RT-qPCR and RT-Digital PCR: A Comparison of Different Platforms for the Evaluation of Residual Disease in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Weill Cornell Medicine
2888. Minimal Residual Disease Assessment of Common and Rare NPM1 Mutations Using a Single Massively Multiplex Digital PCR Assay

Superior Coverage and Uniformity

The ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel CEBPA amplicons are all covered ≥500X with a high degree of uniformity, whereas only 50% of the competitor's CEBPA amplicons are enriched ≥500X with very low coverage uniformity. Typical results inlcude:
    • 99% coverage of amplicons at >500x (5000x avg reads/target)
    • 97% uniformity at 500x (0.2x of mean)


Figure A: CEBPA Depth of Coverage Associated with ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel (blue) and a Competitor Myeloid Panels (grey)
Figure B: IGV Representation of CEBPA Amplicon Coverage Associated with ThunderBolts Myeloid Panel (blue) and a Competitor Myeloid Panel (grey)

Streamlined Workflow

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RainDrop Workflow

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Past Webinars

Droplet Based Genomic MRD Target Identification and Detection in AML with Dr. Brian Parkin, University of Michigan

An Independent Comparison: The Evaluation of Three Digital PCR Platforms for Residual Disease in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia with Mary Alikian, Ph.D., Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London

Scientific Posters

These posters were presented by RainDance customers at the Association for Molecular Pathology 2016 Annual Meeting.

chc-poster Children's Hospital Colorado
Improving NGS Library Coverage Uniformity Using Single Molecule Droplet PCR for the Molecular Assessment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Sensitive and Specific Detection of JAK2 V617F Using Digital Droplet PCR

Video Spotlight

In this video, Dr. Qi Wei, Director, Molecular Diagnostic Lab at Children's Hospital Colorado, shares his experiences with the only unified instrument for NGS Enrichment and Digital PCR.